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I just realized I have been blogging for a few months and (gasp) I haven’t written a single post about wine!

So without further ado I will begin this – my first – wine post with some very good information for all my fellow wine lovers.

If you collect wine, or even if you just want to know a little bit about wine, the best website out there (IMHO) is CELLARTRACKER. This website has an app called CellarVu, which allows you to keep track of your collection on your smart phone or iPad..

Once you have entered all your favorite wines, CELLAR TRACKER  allows you to:

  • Keep track of what wines you have in your collection
  • See the drinkability (i.e. the best time to drink it)
  • See what other people have paid for the same wine
  • Read reviews of said wine
  • Follow auctions for collector wines

When you have drunk a bottle (or two, or three), with a few clicks you can remove the wine from your collection. That way, you know what you need to replace the next time you are at the wine store.

I think it’s brilliant! 

No more wandering the aisles aimlessly, reading blurbs, checking “Parker Points” and getting distracted  by interesting labels.

Me, I can only remember a few names of wines that I especially like – Layer Cake, Cedar Knoll, Meiomi, Conundrum, Joel Gott. I am hopeless when I don’t have a list…if in doubt I’ll pick wines with cool labels. But that hasn’t worked out too well for me, personally. I suspect crappy winemakers compensate for their wines by putting beautiful labels on the bottles.

So if G isn’t with me to remind me of what I like, the next best thing is CellarTracker.

And in case you’re wondering, I am not a paid sponsor.

Cheers! I’d love to hear what other winos wine lovers use to keep track of their favorites/collections.

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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3 thoughts on “The Best Wine Website

  1. wait, we’re supposed to collect wine?? I may have been going in the wrong direction….


  2. G

    cannot wait to have a wine with you later tonight. Nice blog Beduwen!


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