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SuicideNot too long ago, I read a very moving blog post about suicide. Someone I know posted a link to it, saying that she liked the post but not revealing the topic, so it took me by surprise.

I thought about it for days.

There were so many comments on the post, thank you’s and personal stories shared, that it obviously touched a lot of readers.

As it did me…. because suicide has touched my life – I lost a family member to it. And while I believe that it is something most likely done in desperation and hopelessness, it is a very selfish act. The people who commit it may put an end to their own misery, but they leave a wake of heartache and unanswered questions for everyone close¬†to them to deal with.

I wanted to repost the blog post here, in the hope that my readers will be more conscientious about this topic. Please reach out if you are contemplating it, and be aware of loved ones¬†around you who may be in situations that appear hopeless. And share if you feel like it, because there is no “waking up.”

The Morning After I Killed Myself.








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