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Goodbye 2012

It is 47 minutes to midnight.

I have no deep thoughts to share.

I am just glad we made it through another year.

In the last few days I’ve managed to put all the Christmas decorations away, planted 30 bulbs in the garden (thanks mom), and painted G’s office a beautiful shade of purple that he picked out (“sugar plum”) – after we sorted through all the shelves and got rid of a bunch of stuff.

Out with the old and all that!

We managed to get out for a cocktail and dinner tonight, after playing some tennis with friends in the neighborhood.

photo copy 4

Then we came home, lit some candles and opened a fantastic bottle of wine….

Cedar Knoll Cab

Cedar Knoll Cab

We played with the kitten and watched the festivities in New York City – even got up and danced a little!

Thanks to Holidailies for inspiring  me to write consistently.  And for introducing me to some very fine fellow bloggers!

I wish everyone a very happy new year filled with love and laughter.



See you next year …..


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Holiday Pets

G and I adopted two cats from the Humane Society just before Thanksgiving…what were we thinking?!

Okay, in our defense, the kitten was for my son’s 16th birthday.



All he wanted was a kitten. And maybe a car. But he knew a car was out of the question.

But while we were at the Humane Society, looking for a kitten, G fell in love with a 2-year-old cat named Pocahontas.

“I feel sorry for her,” he said. “No one adopts the older cats.”

He had a point.

And after all, the kitten could use a playmate.



So suddenly, we went from a house with no pets to a house with two cats.

It was fun watching them make friends. And try to scale the Christmas tree.

And in the end, they turned out to be two of the best decisions we made this Christmas.

The Little Ninja & Bart

The Little Ninja & Bart



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