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The Castle in My Backyard

Ok, it’s not really in my backyard, but it’s pretty close! Maybe 15 minutes away by car. It’s one of only three rock castles in Mallorca, so called because of the topography and system of walls that are adapted to the cliffs. It is located at the tippy top of the little mountain that it’s named after – SantuirĂ­ – and unfortunately it’s crumbling. But since it has been around since Roman times, that is not so surprising.

We decided to take Saucy along with us to explore the ruins.

Castell de SantuirĂ­

We paid 4 euros each to get in (Saucy was free). At different spots you can scan barcodes to get information, but we both forgot our glasses and it was really too bloody hot and humid to stop and read the blurbs. I attempted the first couple before giving up. I think the most interesting tidbit is that the son of King James was banished to the island, and legend has it that he met a young lady from the nearby village of Felanitx and the two of them produced a very famous son…..Christopher Columbus!

There isn’t a whole lot to see, but the views are amazing. And there were some sheep wandering around, so Saucy got to meet them. It was her first encounter with sheep!

They were very curious.

But they kept at a safe distance.

The funny thing is, we really meant to go to the monastery you can see on the mountain in the distance. And we were especially looking forward to having a nice cold beverage in the restaurant after our visit.


But then Saucy wouldn’t have gotten to visit her first castle. And there would have been no sheep.

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