If it’s your first time here, welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. You’ll only be green for a minute, so first thing’s first…listen to this:

‘What the Focus’ is my humble attempt to try to zoom in on things that entertain and interest me, and in the process, I hope I can make you smile a little and maybe even spark your curiosity.

One of my greatest loves is travel, so you’ll find a lot of posts devoted to that subject…like this and this.

French shout-out to Saudi Arabia in Cannes

French shout-out to Saudi Arabia, Cannes

I am also intrigued by Feng Shui

Feng Shui Principles

Borrowed from the hilarious

and I am more than a little obsessed with food

Fresh fish in Biarritz, France

Fresh fish in Biarritz, France

I admit I also like to get my drink on…


Lakeside Mojito @ Chateau de la Beuvrière, Loire Valley

Martinis @ Pearl's Saltwater Grill

Martinis @ Pearl’s Saltwater Grill, Savannah

…especially if it’s a good glass of red.

Soooo…. if any of these topics appeal to you then stick around.

If not, I’ll probably be talking about something else eventually.

Oh, did I mention I wrote a book?

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