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Beware of the Tow Truck – Especially from Crystal Wrecker Service

Living in a city with limited parking places, it is inevitable that at some point you will noparkingeither get a ticket or get your car towed. One great thing about Savannah is the city forgives one parking ticket per year. Last year, if you brought in 10 cans of food for the food bank, you were also forgiven a parking ticket.

My son was unlucky enough to have his car towed twice in the past two months. He works downtown, and often it’s hard to find a safe (and legal) place to park. The first time his car got towed, he had parked in the alley behind Boomys, where he works in the kitchen. His coworkers told him that it was ok, and that no one had ever gotten towed from that spot. Until now.


Last Friday, he was on his way to work when he hit one of the numerous pot holes that plague our city streets. Just as he was turning off Broughton Street the tie rod on his front tire broke, and fortunately he was able to get help pushing the car across MLK into a parking lot. He left a note on the window stating that the car was not drivable, in hopes that it would not be towed.

Now, I get that private parking is private parking. But someone saw his car, and I’m sure read his note, and yet still called the tow truck. What a jerk.

The worst part, however, is the towing company. My son went over to get the car on Saturday, and guess what? The lot is closed on the weekend. What? The drivers still go out and tow cars from all over the city, and park them in their lot, but you can’t get your car out??!

We actually went onto the website of the company, and it states there that you can get moneyyour car on Saturday and Sunday “by appointment.” If someone is in the office, it seems to me you ought to be able to pay and retrieve your car. But no, my son was told he would have to come back on Monday. Cha-ching! Another $40 gone.

When I took him back over there, we waited outside the lot for the tow truck driver to bring his car out. As he attempted to pull the lift out from under the front of the car, he almost ripped the bumper off. I imagine he would have done so if we hadn’t been standing there watching. Since we were, he went to find a couple of blocks to put under the tires so he could get the lift out with no further damage – and yes, there was damage.


We watched as the driver unloaded another car he had just towed off a different (flat bed) tow truck. I don’t know how he got the car up there, but he had a heck of a time getting it down. It wouldn’t budge, so he virtually jerked it slowly off the truck. When it was almost on the street, once again he almost ripped the front bumper off as he dropped it down. There was damage done to that bumper as well, although it was mostly cosmetic.


Unbelievable, right? As if it isn’t bad enough getting your car towed, now you have to wonder what kind of damage is going to be done. Sheesh!



Beware of this guy

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September Sneaks In on Little Dog Feet

How did it get to be September, anyway? It seems like just yesterday when I was mulling over ideas of where to go with this blog and writing about the Chinese New Year! And now we’re in the third trimester of 2016….. and I realize I haven’t had the time to write or blog in months. Where did the time go??

Let’s see…..thinking

I took some painting classes in January. If you’ve never tried Painting with a Twist, you’re missing out! BYOB and you can paint with friends…it’s a blast!painting-with-a-twist

Spring was super busy – the real estate market really picks up around here at that time. I went to Vienna for Easter, which was ah-mazing!

Then school ended, and in June, we moved. I am living in my dream house, which, by the way, I was only able to find because I went back to work. Check out this view:


I never want to leave!!

I’ve put my book on the back burner for the time being – in spite of the fact that my dear husband whisked me away to Australia to do some research last Fall, I just couldn’t figure out where I was going with my story. So I’ve put it aside for a while.

And I’m starting a new job…. in the same industry (Real Estate) but with a different company (CENTURY 21 Solomon Properties). I’m so excited to be working with the Solomons and so happy that I can concentrate on the parts of Savannah that I really love: downtown, the islands (Whitemarsh and Wilmington) and Tybee Beach!!! I came across this fantastic podcast this morning which struck home – if any of you are thinking of taking a break from your career or maybe reinventing yourself, check Vasavi Kumar out. She is inspiring!

Soooo, I’ve got some cool ideas for my blog that I will be experimenting with in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

And in case you were wondering how I came up with the title for this post….meet Applesauce. We rescued her last month from the Humane Society. She’s 6 months old and a real sassy pants. Smart and sassy! She has crept into our hearts and lives like a sneaky little devil – which she is – and we couldn’t be happier.


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