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Show Me the Money

Wad of money

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Are you living an abundant life? Are you happy with your finances, your relationships, your health? If not, your home or office may be working against you.  But don’t worry, you can apply feng shui principles to boost your prosperity as well as success in all areas of your life.

The first thing you have to do, of course, is map the Bagua. The Bagua is an energy template representing your whole life. It’s your starting point in feng shui. Each area of the Bagua represents an aspect of your life. You can use it to enhance and change your physical space, and thereby enhance and change what that particular area corresponds to in your life. If there is an area missing in the Bagua, that aspect of your life is not being energized. Unfortunately, the Wealth & Prosperity area is one that is commonly missing.

Once you have mapped the Bagua accurately, you can investigate your environment to see which areas may be blocked and therefore affecting your success. If you don’t have it correctly mapped, any feng shui you apply will be a waste of time. In fact,  you could be creating even more disharmony in your life.

Your life reflects the flow of energy in your environment. 

Are all areas of your life being energized to support your success? If not, here are five ways to use the Bagua to help increase the flow of abundance in your life:

 1. Look for the greatest area of clutter in your home.

Cluttered room photo credit: Sudipto_Sarkar via photopin cc

Which area of the Bagua is it in? Is it in the Wealth area, or perhaps the Creativity area? If so, you’ll know this is directly impacting your prosperity, or perhaps your ability to complete a project or come up with a creative solution to a problem. The clutter may well explain why energy seems to be stuck in that area, and will give you an added incentive to clear tit out. Once you have the clutter cleared, you can place an enhancement in that area – something that represents abundance or creativity to you.

2. Use the Life Wheel to see where your life is out of balance. 

life wheel

The Life Wheel is like a snapshot of your life at any given moment. It helps you to see how you are doing in the areas of your life that are important to you (i.e. family, spirituality, wealth). In turn, it allows you to pinpoint where you may be off balance. Just fill in each segment according to how satisfied you are with that area of your life at the moment. Once you discover problem areas, you can then use the Bagua to go to that area of your home and start investigating. Is there clutter there? Perhaps in your Relationship area you have images of single women or men, and you’d really like to attract your perfect partner. In the Wealth & Prosperity Area you may find a broken clock. This will be blocking the flow of energy there. Using the Life Wheel and Bagua together will help you find clues as to what may not be in alignment with your desires.

3. Create a greater flow of abundance. 

Check the Wealth & Prosperity area in your home. Does this area represent what you want more of? Do you have your bills in your Wealth area, for example? Are there dead plants in the Health area? Get rid of anything that may be blocking the good energy of a room!

Because all areas are connected, boosting the energy flow in any one area of your home will impact your abundance in all areas.

4. Turn financial challenges around. 

Act like a detective. What can you find in your Wealth area that may symbolize struggle or lack. Perhaps there’s a dark corner or perhaps it’s in a very cluttered garage. Is this where you keep the cat’s litter box? Make sure this area is clean and tidy and enhance it with tokens or pictures of what you hope to achieve.

5. Check for missing areas.

Most homes are not a perfect square or rectangle, which means there will be missing areas. This will result in parts of your life not being energized. In that case, you may need help to map the Bagua, since there are feng shui rules as to when certain features such as garages, patios, balconies, etc. should be included. The good news is that once you know how to map the Bagua, you can easily address those missing areas so the energy of your home will be “whole” again and all aspects of your life will be supported and flow abundantly.

Start small. Print out or draw a Bagua Map and walk around your house. Get familiar with the different areas. Then you can follow the five steps above to help get that good energy flowing, both in your space and in your life.

For more about Feng Shui and bringing luck into your home, read this.

Do you have any tips for enhancing your abundance? If so, please share!

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Who Could Use a Little Luck?

We could all use a little luck, right? Good luck, that is. So why not create your own?


I got these little dragons for Christmas. I had been wanting to get some ever since I began learning about Feng Shui.  Dragons are powerful and magical symbols that represent success, wealth, prosperity, power, good luck in love, and spiritual growth.

Dragon feng shui symbolizes masculine or “yang” energy that promotes personal power and creativity. And as a writer, I am all about creativity! Placing a dragon figure or picture in a room will activate the Chi (universal energy) of the room. The goal of feng shui is to attract, direct and nourish the Chi flow inside your home in a way that supports a good flow of Chi inside your body.

A dragon in any area of your house or workplace will bring good luck, but you can maximize it’s effectiveness by placing it in a specific location. An ideal spot would be in the Career Area of your home’s Bagua. The “bagua” is simply a grid that divides your home into different areas, like this:


This year, the Northeast bagua area of your home is hosting a very auspicious feng shui star. There is the potential of excellent feng shui energy here that can attract luck and prosperity.
Another good place to put a dragon is facing your best/lucky directions. You can find out your lucky directions by first calculating your Kua number.

However, be careful not to place dragons in zones with low energy levels like closets, bathrooms, storage areas or the garage.

It is best to place your feng shui dragon:

  • in an open space
  • at eye level
  • facing towards the house to bring in the energy of wealth
  • in your living room or dining room but not in your bedroom, since that very same yang energy will not allow you to rest peacefully.

Since dragons are such powerful symbols, you don’t need a lot of them. It’s best to only have  a few in your house or place of business (five or less).

Here’s where I put my dragons:

Good Luck Dragons

Anyone else have any  tips for bringing good luck?

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