Case # 309 from the Bad Mommy Files

Mom: “Time to get ready for soccer.”

9YO: “Did you wash my training jersey?”

Mom, thinking that she washed soccer socks but not training jersey: “Um, I think so.”

9YO: “Because that’s what I used to kill the cockroach in my room last night.”

Mom goes upstairs, lifts training jersey out of hamper, inspects it. Looks okay, no bug guts. Folds it inside soccer shorts (also taken from hamper) and sneaks past 9YO with evidence behind back. Goes into laundry room and comes back with training jersey, shorts and clean soccer socks. Lays them on table in front of 9YO.

9YO, as he puts uniform on: “Are you sure you washed my jersey? It smells different from my socks.”

Mom, with fingers crossed so she doesn’t get struck by lightning for lying: “Yes. Now let’s go.”

NOTE: Always wash soccer clothes after practice.

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