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After Christmas Laughs

Getting old(er) is fun. At least, it is now when G and I can still laugh at ourselves.

He couldn’t find the flash for his camera and had been looking everywhere so he could take pictures Christmas morning.

“I hope I didn’t leave it in Atlanta,” he said. (We had driven there a few weeks ago for my son’s soccer game.)

“Did you take it up to Pittsburgh?” I asked. (He was up there last week for his daughter’s graduation from Penn State.)

He didn’t.

Later, we were in the bathroom and he opened a drawer and pulled out a little black pouch.

“It’s in a bag just like this,” he said.

I watched him open the pouch.

“Here it is!”

And then there were the “lost” presents. The ones in the bag I hid from the kids…. and myself.

We wouldn’t have even remembered them except there was a splitter cable in the bag for my teenager’s computer. Along with a helicopter for the Little Ninja and a pair of furry slippers for me! 🙂

Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!


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An Early Resolution

I have been thinking an awful lot about something lately. Something a very wise man said. (Okay, it was my brother-in-law,but he’s my favorite. And he is very smart!)

We were talking about family and how some people always seem to focus on the 5% rather than the 95%.

“No matter how much you do for them, they will always bring up what you didn’t do,” he said.

He is so right!

I was thinking about it because I felt that at Christmas, the kids were bound to be disappointed when they didn’t get everything they had put on their Christmas lists.

I wasn’t about to get a cotton candy machine for the Little Ninja!

And while the kids liked their gifts, I know they were still thinking about what wasn’t under the tree.

It makes me sad. Sad that people can’t be satisfied with things. That they are constantly comparing what they got/have with what others got/have.

One of my new year’s resolutions is going to be:


After all, a 95 is an “A”!!

Happy “Day after Christmas” everybody!



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