Sunday Brunch in Savannah

Today G and I (and the little ninja) were invited to brunch at Gryphon, a downtown restaurant belonging to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). What a treat! I doubt we would ever have discovered the place on our own. In fact, we thought it was only for SCAD people.
The restaurant inhabits a building that used to be a pharmacy. It is quite picturesque, and decorated to look like a library now, with cozy corners where you can relax on couches. The walls are lined with books, and the bill actually comes tucked inside one of them.
I had poached eggs on black eyed peacakes with a roasted red pepper coulis, and it was delicious!

There were four young women singing Christmas carols in front of the piano and they were fantastic. It really added that little extra je ne sais quoi to the whole dining experience. Between sets they meandered around greeting everyone and thanking them for coming.
But I have to say, as they sang one of my favorites – “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – I looked out through the open door onto beautiful, sunny Bull Street (I think it almost reached 70 today), and I didn’t really feel the spirit. Not yet.


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  2. Malkire

    I think your work is excellent and I nominated you for the Liebster Award:


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