After Christmas Laughs

Getting old(er) is fun. At least, it is now when G and I can still laugh at ourselves.

He couldn’t find the flash for his camera and had been looking everywhere so he could take pictures Christmas morning.

“I hope I didn’t leave it in Atlanta,” he said. (We had driven there a few weeks ago for my son’s soccer game.)

“Did you take it up to Pittsburgh?” I asked. (He was up there last week for his daughter’s graduation from Penn State.)

He didn’t.

Later, we were in the bathroom and he opened a drawer and pulled out a little black pouch.

“It’s in a bag just like this,” he said.

I watched him open the pouch.

“Here it is!”

And then there were the “lost” presents. The ones in the bag I hid from the kids…. and myself.

We wouldn’t have even remembered them except there was a splitter cable in the bag for my teenager’s computer. Along with a helicopter for the Little Ninja and a pair of furry slippers for me! 🙂

Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!


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