Saturday Night’s All Right

G and I went out with our dear friends on Saturday night. We helped them celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. 28 years together – how awesome is that?

 D and S

Our friends, D and S

We started with cocktails at our favorite spot, Rocks on the Roof. It’s the bar on top of The Bohemian Hotel.

Cocktails at Rocks on the Roof

Me and G at Rocks on the Roof

It’s super cool – it has garage doors instead of windows, which are open if the weather is good (which it usually is, we are in Savannah). The four of us sat out on the patio, admiring the view over the river and the impressively large bridge that connects Georgia to it’s northern neighbor, South Carolina. If you go, you must ask for a blueberry mojito. Mmm mmm!

After our cocktails, we walked the short distance to Garibaldi’s for dinner. It was our first time at the local favorite, and we were immediately impressed. The place was packed at 7:30. It was very dark inside, and finding our way to our table was like maneuvering your way through a movie theater after the movie has started. But it wasn’t too dark not to be blown away by the beautiful tin ceiling!

We decided to have another mojito, just because we were all so satisfied with ourselves for being in such a fabulous place.

Dinner was excellent. S had the specialty of the house, the Crispy Flounder. Yum! Crispy Flounder

G had a Veal Chop, and it was perfectly done. Yum Yum! Veal Chop

D and I both went for Crispy Duck. I think between the two of us we ate a whole duck – quack, quack! Add a side of mushroom risotto and fresh green beans and I was hap, hap, happy! Crispy Duck

Oh, I forgot to mention our appetizer – tempura soft shelled crab. I didn’t manage to get a picture because we all gobbled it up as soon as it landed on the table.

And dessert? Puh-lease! A “Berry Basket.” Berry Basket  Dee-lishus!

Afterwards, we went in search of an after dinner drink. We went into a bar that used to be called Venus de Milo. G and I had been there a couple of times and thought it was a cool place. It had changed hands and it’s called Rogue Water Tap House now. It’s a college bar/dive. But we were not about to search any further. We sat down at the bar and when the young college boy asked us what we would like, we all looked at each other like idiots. What we really wanted was a nice glass of wine, but no dice. No wine at Rogue House. So we looked around, looked at each other some more, and looked at the offerings on the chalkboard menu behind the bar. The young college boy wandered off, then reappeared. We still didn’t know what we wanted. He suggested Apple Cider. D tasted it. We all looked on in a stupor. (I think I started to get a little embarrassed at this point.) G stepped up and ordered a Jamesons. The college boy suggested adding a Fireball to the cider, which made a drink called “Angry Balls.” What the hell. D and I both went for it. Not to be left out, S ordered a water. After dinner drinks

Saturday night was definitely all right!

PS We took a cab home.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s All Right

  1. making me miss SAV…. thanks for that!! love the blog


  2. Thanks Mary!


  3. Now I’m hungry for dinner…and it’s only 9:30 AM. 🙂


  4. LOL!


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