Beautiful Mallorca

We visited the Spanish island of Mallorca the summer before last. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea. None of us knew what to expect, except G, who has been there several times. Apparently, it is a popular destination for Germans.

We flew on a charter plane from Dortmund, after picking up G’s little tow heads in Bremke…

Dortmund Airport

Pre-flight in Dortmund Airport

The trip over was quick. From the airport we made our way to the car rental agency, where we spent a couple of hours. We immediately set our clocks to “island time”…because it was soon obvious that no one is in a hurry there. The long wait was made interesting by the unfortunate robbery of a single lady who left her laptop and pouch with passport and money on the front seat of her rental car just outside the office while she ran in, and poof, it all disappeared! After that, we made sure to keep a close eye on our belongings.

Once we were all loaded in our van, we headed down the coast to where we had rented a house for the week. We lucked out:

Rental house in Mallorca

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We enjoyed the house so much, we spent a lot of time at home. The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the daily 5 AM wakeup call courtesy of the resident rooster. But the kids had fun chasing the chicks…

Some days we did manage to venture out for food…



Spanish beer

We drank a lot of this!

And we played tourist one day and drove back to Palma, the capital, to sight see.

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On the way back G showed us the monastery perched at the top of a steep hill. It was rather austere, but there were sweeping views of the coastline. Lucky monks!



Mallorca coastline

Monastery statue

Our landlady told us about some beautiful sheltered coves that the locals went to, so we spent a couple of days at the beach…

sheltered cove in Mallorca

beach in mallorca

All in all, it was a fabulous trip. But the best part had to be …….

Kids at the pool

Should we or shouldn’t we…..?





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One thought on “Beautiful Mallorca

  1. Ahhhh so lovely– thanks for sharing and letting us enjoy vicariously!


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