September Sneaks In on Little Dog Feet

How did it get to be September, anyway? It seems like just yesterday when I was mulling over ideas of where to go with this blog and writing about the Chinese New Year! And now we’re in the third trimester of 2016….. and I realize I haven’t had the time to write or blog in months. Where did the time go??

Let’s see…..thinking

I took some painting classes in January. If you’ve never tried Painting with a Twist, you’re missing out! BYOB and you can paint with friends…it’s a blast!painting-with-a-twist

Spring was super busy – the real estate market really picks up around here at that time. I went to Vienna for Easter, which was ah-mazing!

Then school ended, and in June, we moved. I am living in my dream house, which, by the way, I was only able to find because I went back to work. Check out this view:


I never want to leave!!

I’ve put my book on the back burner for the time being – in spite of the fact that my dear husband whisked me away to Australia to do some research last Fall, I just couldn’t figure out where I was going with my story. So I’ve put it aside for a while.

And I’m starting a new job…. in the same industry (Real Estate) but with a different company (CENTURY 21 Solomon Properties). I’m so excited to be working with the Solomons and so happy that I can concentrate on the parts of Savannah that I really love: downtown, the islands (Whitemarsh and Wilmington) and Tybee Beach!!! I came across this fantastic podcast this morning which struck home – if any of you are thinking of taking a break from your career or maybe reinventing yourself, check Vasavi Kumar out. She is inspiring!

Soooo, I’ve got some cool ideas for my blog that I will be experimenting with in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

And in case you were wondering how I came up with the title for this post….meet Applesauce. We rescued her last month from the Humane Society. She’s 6 months old and a real sassy pants. Smart and sassy! She has crept into our hearts and lives like a sneaky little devil – which she is – and we couldn’t be happier.


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2 thoughts on “September Sneaks In on Little Dog Feet

  1. Mary Moore

    Looks like you have been living the year of the monkey quite well.


  2. Yes ma’am…and it’s not over yet! 🙂


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