Creek Life – Water Views

I have lived in Savannah for ten years.

My first house was in a beautiful neighborhood called Dutch Island,  a tight-knit community with great amenities – a fantastic pool and playground, tennis courts and a boat ramp and dock. Just look at my little ninja on this cool tree:

Waiting to see the elf

Waiting to see the elf

I have a fabulous house for sale on Dutch Island at the moment – check it out here. Technically, it’s on the water…albeit the water is a lagoon.

Dutch Island House for Sale

Even though we loved our house, DH and I really wanted to be either downtown or on deep water. We looked and looked, and one day another Realtor called me up and said,

Hey Wendi, I have a house I just know you will love!

The moment I saw it – BOOM – I knew that was the house for me.

This was the view when we first moved in:

May 2016 View

Unfortunately, 5 months later, Hurricane Matthew hit us. This was the view afterwards: Post-MatthewHard to believe the slide survived! We made the repairs, and when Hurricane Irma hit last year, we were lucky and didn’t sustain any damage. But we felt like we now had oceanfront property because even the marsh was covered by water! Post-Irma

This past winter, we had snow one day and it actually stayed on the ground for a few hours. Creek Snow

Now, if you live on the water, I don’t have to explain how wonderful it is. Every day you have a different view. When we look out at the water, we are facing north, towards South Carolina. We can see the cargo ships coming into and out of the Port of Savannah.Cargo Ship

You might have noticed, the pool deck has been completely redone, and the slide is gone. We redid the back yard this summer. It has opened up the view even more!

We’ve enjoyed some incredible light shows this past month, when the clouds have built up and it has started storming, usually over South Carolina.

Rain in SC

Rain in SC

Sometimes it makes it over the river and marsh to us, but many times it doesn’t.

Lightning Bolt over SC

Lightning bolt over SC



When it does, it is incredible.Arc of Lightning

Pool lit by lightning

This is the pool lit up by the lightning bolt!


I really don’t think I will EVER get tired of this view! Would you?

Cool cloud

If you would like to find a fabulous waterfront home in Savannah, feel free to contact me. Or you can visit my website.

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