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Best Palm Trees aka Another Challenge

I opened our neighborhood newsletter the other day and found this!


My eyes immediately fell on the second category because (1) I love palm trees and (b) it’s a challenge.
Sooo……. I went out and bought some of those gigantic ornaments that you can hang outside. G and I first saw them when we drove by the beautiful houses on Bluff Drive one Christmas. There’s one house that always has a really lovely display, with huge purple and silver ornaments dangling from the live oak tree in the yard.
After brunch yesterday, we brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic. I was standing out by the palm tree, looping silver cords through the big plastic balls, when G and the Little Ninja came around the corner with the boxes.
“Oh no! I”m not putting the lights on the palm tree this year!” the Little Ninja said stubbornly. “I did it last time and I got all scratched up!”
Fortunately G trimmed some of the dead lower branches off it recently, so I figured I might be able to do it myself.
We hung the ornaments. Then I tried to find some lights that still work. One out of seven of the strands was functional. I wrapped it around the base of the palm. I got pricked a couple of times by palm spikes, but there was no blood.

Here’s what the tree looks like so far.

photo copy 2

I think I’m feeling a little bit of Christmas spirit now.
However, any suggestions that might help me win Best Palms would be greatly appreciated… judging is on the 18th!

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