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Gourmet Italian Food in Savannah

G and I have recently had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know an amazing couple here in Savannah.
Theirs is truly an inspirational story. A story of bad luck, determination and perseverance.

And food.

Delicious, all natural, organic Italian food.

A few years ago, the couple – Franco and Lisa Marra – found themselves without jobs and facing a serious health issue.

Lisa was diagnosed with cancer.

Two different types.

In advanced stages.

At the same time, she and Franco were trying to get a business going – Frali Gourmet. The couple had lots of experience working in the food industry (Franco had been the chef at Il Pasticcio,, a very well-known Italian restaurant in Savannah, before it closed).

Test results told Lisa she was not a candidate for chemo. She changed her diet – created an alkaline environment in her body that would fight off the cancer trying to take hold. She took pills to oxidize her cells. (Cancer can’t grow in oxidized cells.) She ate greens and flax seeds and asparagus. She drank Essiac Tea, also known for it’s purifying, cancer-fighting properties.

The couple began to create  all-natural pastas and sauces (made with fresh, local ingredients), infused oils and even gluten-free products.

They were featured on WTOC, a local TV station:

Guess what happened?

Lisa beat the cancer!

And business is growing!

Franco and Lisa are gearing up to move their factory downtown, and they will be adding a restaurant and retail space to their ongoing operation.

I, for one, can’t wait.

I wish them all the success and happiness in the world.

Buona fortuna i miei amici!!

Please help support local farmers and restaurants in your city, wherever that may be. And check out Frali Gourmet – you can order their products online. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

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