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Rue de Jean – French Cuisine in Charleston

G and I had to make a trip up to Charleston the other day to see about his Green Card. It expired this month, and although he reapplied way back in March, it seems that six months isn’t enough time for it to be processed. The employees in the immigration office are so rude and unpleasant. I feel so sorry for the people who have to deal with them.
We took advantage of being in Charleston and headed downtown to have lunch. I love walking around the city. There’s always something interesting to see.


I thought it would be fun to try a French Restaurant, and it turned out to be a great call. Rue de Jean is, appropriately, on John Street. There is patio dining in the alley, and it was such a beautiful day we decided to eat outside.


The menu had lots of typical French dishes – including quiche and salade Niçoise – but our waitress suggested the mussels. They were outstanding. Mine came in a fragrant garlic, white wine and basil broth and G’s came swimming in bacon and cream. We had frites on the side, and if I closed my eyes I felt like I could be sitting in a seaside restaurant on the Cote d’Azur. They were that good!

We’ll definitely be going back again.


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