Ahlan Wa Sahlan…in other words: Welcome!


See that camel? That’s Carl. I rode him to school everyday. (I grew up in Saudi Arabia) And yes, I also had an oil well in my back yard.
Okay, the part about Saudi Arabia is true, I swear. As for the camel and the oil well, I just said that to anyone who was dumb enough to ask me:

“Hey, did you ride a camel to school?” or

“I bet you had an oil well in your back yard, huh?”

My life has been one big adventure so far. Lots of traveling (I have the bug so don’t come too close), exotic food (I’m obsessed with food by the way), and a fair amount of drinking (it was forbidden in the kingdom but I didn’t let that stop me). I come from a big, dysfunctional family. Now I have a big dysfunctional family of my own – I just love traditions, don’t you?

So, if you are interested in travel or food or libations or family, stick around and explore my site.

Oh, and there will probably be some squirrels.

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