What’s for Dinner?

I’m obsessed with food. I’m constantly thinking about what I want to eat next. At least once a day, I find myself searching the internet for a recipe. I might Google an ingredient or look on Pinterest to see what others have pinned. Sometimes I even (gasp) leaf through my own cookbooks and collections of recipes. Which leads me to ask,

“Does anyone use cookbooks anymore?”

Honestly, I rarely use mine. And I have such an eclectic collection of cookbooks that I’m sure every recipe I would ever need is in there somewhere. I still have my first cookbook, a collection of recipes from ARAMCO wives illustrated by the woman who gave me art lessons when I was eight. And the Betty Crocker cookbook I bought when I was in college in Switzerland and I searched every bookstore for an English cookbook that had a recipe for Russian Teacakes (aka Mexican Wedding Cookies). I have the edition of Cooking Light’s Annual Recipes that has a picture of Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie on the cover – let me just tell you, if you could only eat one more piece of pie in your life, this should be it:

The best pie you’ll ever eat

The most expensive cookbook I ever bought was “A Taste of the East,” it cost $25, and I bought it because I wanted the recipe for Sweet Cucumber Cooler. It has a lot of great recipes from Thailand and India and it’s beautifully illustrated. The only problem is my dishes rarely look like the pictures (except for the cucumber cooler). I have vegetarian cookbooks and seafood cookbooks and kid-friendly cookbooks. You name it, I’ve probably got it.

But when I start craving something I inevitably look for a recipe online. Granted, I’m on the computer a lot so it just makes sense to look for something on the internet. And when I’m done reading through ten or so versions of something like “Asian Noodles” and the comments that go along with each one,  I’ll attempt to make the dish.

I realized the other day that I pretty much make the same dishes over and over, and what I’m basically doing when I search for a recipe is looking for a different twist on the same old dish. Or maybe I’m just looking for the version that I remember making a long time ago, maybe before the internet became my go-to medium for information…..in fact, just maybe, I was looking for the recipe that is in one of my cookbooks on the kitchen shelf!!

So here’s what I’ve decided to do:

Before I Google another recipe, I will go through all my cookbooks and try every dish that caught my eye at some point. Then I will put the keepers in a notebook – or better yet, scan them – so that when I am thinking about making something I will only have to look at my own file to get a recipe I know I will like. And I won’t waste so much time surfing the web and making things that don’t turn out quite like I expected them to. I would then be able to spend more time eating and less time thinking about eating.

I’ll let you know how it works out – right after I look up something to make for dinner tonight.

What about you? Do you still use cookbooks or are you a recipe surfer like me?

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7 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Amy Steindorff

    Wendi! I love this! Sounds just like me. Yes, I still use my cookbooks. My Betty Crocker one and my Barefoot Contessa ones a lot. If I could live in East Hampton next door to Ina Garten, I would die a happy woman. I’m looking forward to reading this blog! xo Amy


  2. Michelle Atherden

    I had the same idea…but here is my problem…I print every recipe that I think I might like to try one day…hell I actually bought notebook binders and labelled them…and put some recipes into them…the other hundreds of recipes I printed are in a few drawers in the office…still untouched…hey I even have printed the same recipes twice unknowingly…my hubby who gets agitated by my constant printing said babe enough. Printer ink ain’t cheap….so now I secretly print and hide:-) Don’t get between a woman and her recipes….Hee Hee Hee
    Lovin the blog! Great picture of you and the hubby:-)


  3. That is so funny Shell! I have also found duplicate copies of recipes I’ve printed… proof positive that I go for the same ones! But hiding them, that is a hoot!


  4. That’s a great idea to scan your recipes. The ones I find online and like, I usually print and put in a binder. Perhaps I could stop killing trees…but I’ll never give up my Joy of Cooking! Best. Cookbook. Ever.


  5. I’ve heard that Teach, may have to check out some recipes sometime. Maybe I should do a poll and see what people consider the “best” cookbooks…..


  6. That’s a great idea. I’d love to hear what other people’s fave cookbooks are.


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