B-Vitamin Pee


What is it with vitamins anyway? Am I the only one who is suspicious about how much your body actually benefits from something that is in pill form? Do they really get absorbed into the body or do they just go in one end and out the other? I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve taken have done absolutely nothing for me. Besides making me gag, that is.


Vitamins! (Photo credit: bradley j)

I have thought about this a lot over the years. I’ve wasted spent countless hours reading up on what vitamins are best for:

  • pregnancy
  • constipation
  • exhaustion
  • shiny hair
  • healthy fingernails
  • beautiful skin

(pretty much in that order, too.)

I admit, I’ve taken a lot of vitamins myself. Or rather, I’ve tried to.

I think my obsession with vitamins started when I was a kid. I begged my mom to buy the Flintstone ones that the neighbor kids were taking. Who wouldn’t want to take those cute little pink Wilmas and purple Dinos? They looked and tasted like candy! Instead of buying them, she made me eat more vegetables.


The first time I took a vitamin as an adult was when I was pregnant and my doctor prescribed prenatal vitamins. Bleccchhhh!  They were friggin’ horse pills, with the unfortunate side effect of causing vomiting. I preferred the morning sickness and tossed the vitamins into the trash.

But every once in while, I buy some to try. Because there has to be something to vitamins…. after all, it’s a billion dollar industry. My sister even took part in one of those pyramid schemes where she sold “custom” vitamins: if you sent in a sample of your urine the company created a multivitamin tailored just for you. Unfortunately, before I had a chance to do it, she was on to the next scam scheme – a pill that you put in your gas tank so your car could get better gas mileage. (I am not kidding. It was a vitamin for your car.)

Last year I tried a multivitamin specifically for women. The first and last one I took made me feel like I was carrying around a huge brick in my stomach. It was downright painful. Not to mention I felt sick.

A few months ago I bought a B-complex vitamin. I know those B vitamins are important (and someone told me they’re good for hangovers). The vitamin tasted so bad I literally had to hold my nose to take it. I felt okay, but when I went to the ladies room a little while later I noticed my pee was bright yellow and it smelled exactly like the vitamin.

I haven’t taken another one.

I wonder, are there any vitamins out there that you can take without gagging and that are actually good for you?

Or was mom onto something after all?

(Comments welcome!)


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2 thoughts on “B-Vitamin Pee

  1. Amy Steindorff

    I never take vitamins. I think Mother Nature gave us what we need!


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