The Long Engagement: (A) Story of my Life

First, let me explain that I started this blog to take a break from editing my book. It took me almost four years to write, and I had gotten to the point where I was sick of reading it over and over. Editing and re-editing.

I wanted to write for FUN.

And NOT think about every comma and quotation mark.

And while I thought about doing a blog that was related to writing (tips, advice, yadda yadda yadda), I realized that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of those blogs out there. I love them, but I don’t need to be another one of them.

I decided to blog from my heart, rather than my head. Be impulsive.

I’m going to continue with it, but I am excited to share that I just finished the third draft of the book (yay) and entered a contest to get it in front of some agents. I think it’s finally ready. 🙂

The contest I entered is called “Hook, Line and Sinker” and I thought I’d share my entry and see what everyone thinks. Please tell me what you think, and if the hook and (favorite) line I chose would catch your attention as a book reader…

Title: The Long Engagement

Genre: Contemporary Romance (with a little history thrown in!)

Hook: Two young people fall in love and get engaged while in college abroad. Life gets in the way and the two lose contact for 24 years. A Facebook message comes that could change their lives forever.

Line: “Even the way he smelled was etched in my memory like some kind of Holy Grail of lost love.”

I would love to hear your comments! 🙂













































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5 thoughts on “The Long Engagement: (A) Story of my Life

  1. lovethruthemadness

    Love it! Is there a literary equivalent to “break a leg”?


  2. Pamela Johnson

    Hey – I think the “hook” is awesome *wink* – It is “au courant” and I think a lot of people are finding themselves confronted with the notion of finding long lost loves via social networking, and so will be able to identify with the subject matter. As for the “holy grail” part – it’s a good phrase – it evokes mystery and passion and a certain elusiveness. Good job! Good luck!


  3. Thanks Pam! Especially for the “holy grail” comment… I toyed with that for a while before including it.


  4. Sandy Perkins

    It makes me want to ready more!!!! Good hook!!!!


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