Shadows – Remembering James A. Michener


Does anyone remember James Michener? Amazing author of such works as Tales of the South Pacific, Caravans, Centennial, Chesapeake, and my favorite, The Drifters. His were among the first truly great novels that I read as a fresh-faced young woman, dreaming of travel, romance and adventure. He remains an inspiration to me and I just love how he turned a phrase. I hope you enjoy this snippet from The Drifters:


The world is but a place of shadows. The guest pauses but a few nights and departs confused, never knowing for sure where he has been. Beyond the horizon he feels certain he will find a better city, a fairer prospect, a more sonorous group of singing companions. But when his camels are tethered he will find himself engaged with still yet another set of shadows.


Camel Caravan



If you have never read any of his work, do it now. You’re welcome.

The Drifters (novel)

The Drifters (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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4 thoughts on “Shadows – Remembering James A. Michener

  1. Yes, I remember Michener well. I read most of the books you mentioned, including The Drifters. He was a writer that took you places. You have a feeling you’ve been there and even know something of the history and culture by the time you’ve finished. Great story-telling.


  2. Yes! That is why I love his work. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Lovely passage. I’ve heard of James Michener but never read any of his work. Thanks for the recommendation – I shall be checking him out 🙂


  4. Great! I’m guessing you will like The Drifters and Caravans. Thanks for stopping by!


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